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We acknowledge that we are operating our business on Treaty 6 Territory, traditionally home of Indigenous peoples of Canada. As an Indigenous owned and operated business we understand the importance of respecting and acknowledging the hardships that Indigenous people have and still face in Canada today.


I'm Courtney from Williamraedesigns (you can call us WRD, we do). Our business started out in 2014 in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, originally creating custom furniture pieces. Fraser was building all of these amazing, unique pieces and I decided I wanted some of the action. I thought about what my tiny 5.3' frame was capable of, and finally decided that smaller home decor pieces were for me. This is how I started making signs. I started with words that were really simple and easy to paint. You know, the generic "home", "family" those types of signs. I made those for a while, but something still wasn't filling this creative hole in my soul. That's when I sat down and actually thought about what words mean to people. If you're human, I know you've cried over words. I know that words have made you angry, sad, and happy. As well as fearful, overjoyed, and hopeful. These feelings are important. In fact, they are what connect us and make us human. Words are powerful tools that not everyone thinks about on a daily basis. You don't think about what they mean until you happen to be walking by and spot a sign, with a quote that touches some of these emotions. This is how I started to realize that people are always searching for more than just "home" and "family". They want something in their home that actually connects with who they are as a human on this earth. 


We're currently a team of 4 sharing the workload and still learning as we go! None of this would be possible without the continued support of people like you, and we are eternally grateful for the privilege of having our pieces proudly displayed far and wide. We truly love what we do here and hope you do too. 
all of us here at WRD


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