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  • How Do I Hang My Sign?

Every sign comes with a keyhole hanger routed into the back. The smaller signs can hang with simply just a nail. If you ordered a larger sign, or do not feel comfortable hanging them with just a nail, we suggest using a screw drilled into a stud, or a screw with a wall anchor (which can be picked up at your local hardware store) The screw head simply slides into the large hole end of the keyhole hanger and you slide it along until it is level. This also locks the sign onto the wall.


  • How Much is Shipping?

We offer free shipping to Canada and the US! :)


  • Do You Offer Wholesale?

Yes we do! Click here, to be taken to our wholesale page. Or email us at and request wholesale info. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business in the email so we can make sure it's a good fit!


  • How Can I Find Out If A Store In My Area Stocks WRD?

Click here! This is a list and map of stores that stock our product :) Show them some love!


  • What Currency is Your Store in?

Our store is in Canadian Dollars (because we're located in Canada). However, our store should automatically adjust the currency based on your location.


  • When Will My Order Ship?

Our current processing time is 7 business days. We try our absolute hardest to get signs out the door before then, but we are only 4 people. If you need your sign by a specific date, please PLAN AHEAD and order early!


  • Do You Take Custom Work?

We occasionally accept custom work. This depends on our workload at the time. We usually have custom spots available in January - March every year. Customs usually take 5-8 weeks, and we require full payment before we start production of your custom. Below is a helpful image including prices and sizes. (prices are in CAD). Please email us at for more info on custom work!

  • Does Williamrae Attend Local Markets or Craft Shows?

We sure do! Click here to be taken to our calendar, so you can see where we'll be and get more info about each market. 

  •  How Do You Make Your Signs?

While we won't be spilling all of our secrets ;) we can tell you that we use a process called silk screening to make our signs (read more about silk screening here). This allows us to get clean and crisp lines on every sign. We cut down all of our own framing material, and stain it ourselves. The back of every sign is made with regular acrylic house paint (the same paint you use to paint your walls in your home). A coat of sealer goes on top to finish it off and give it that ever so slight shine.

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